1. Nocturnal Back Pain And What To Do About It

    Nocturnal back pain, also called nighttime back pain, is a specific type of discomfort, usually of the lower back, that many people experience. Many of us feel the need to lie down and take a rest when we experience back pain. Nocturnal back pain, however, is not relieved by lying down. In some case…Read More

  2. Learn About Our Wellness Center Services

    At Marshall’s Creek, we focus a lot on chiropractic care. However, as a full-service wellness center, we focus on much more than just spinal health. Our amazing physicians have a wide scope of knowledge that they share with patients every day. Today, we want to share some of our non-chiropractic t…Read More

  3. Don’t Let “Back To School” Ruin Your Kids’ Backs!

    At Marshall’s Creek Wellness Center we frequently welcome both children and parents to the office for regular chiropractic adjustments. In fact, Dr. Anne Marie has a post-doctoral degree in chiropractic pediatrics, which focuses on the chiropractic care of children from the time they are born and …Read More

  4. How To Stay Active During The Winter

    It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago we were offering up some summer activities that were both family-friendly and back-friendly! If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering where the summer went. But never fear! Just because winter is coming, doesn’t mean you have to sit inside …Read More

  5. How To Choose The Right Chiropractic Clinic For You

    Choosing the right chiropractor can be an intimidating journey, but we’re here to help make it a little bit easier. We won’t pretend we’re the only chiropractic clinic around. In fact, a quick google search for “East Stroudsburg Chiropractor” returns more than 25 businesses in the area (of…Read More

  6. Ten Activities To Keep The Family Active This Summer

    If your kids aren’t out of school for summer break yet, they will be soon. What does summer look like in your home? Is it bike rides, hikes, and trips to the lake? Or is it video games, tablets, and cell phones? There’s no right or wrong way to spend your summer, but making sure that you and the…Read More

  7. Six Risk Factors For Back Pain

    Back pain can be experienced by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or activity level. However there are some aspects of a person’s life that may make them more susceptible to back pain. At Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions we believe that preventative care is the best option, especially for peopl…Read More

  8. Why You Should See A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

    Are you expecting a baby in the near future, or thinking about getting pregnant this year? There are dozens of ways that doctors recommend taking care of your overall health and wellness during pregnancy. Each of these suggestions, like taking prenatal vitamins, eating plenty of fiber, and always st…Read More

  9. Does Massage Therapy Work For Depression?

    Let’s say your cat passes away or you find out that you’re not getting the promotion at work that you hoped for. You might call up your best friend and say “I’m so depressed.” But for millions of Americans, this term means something more than merely being ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘unmo…Read More