1. Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy And Allergies

    At Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions, we are more than just a chiropractor. We also are able to perform Neurological Stress Reductions Therapy or NSRT for allergies and asthma, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many more conditions. NSRT boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy detoxificatio…Read More

  2. Why Do You Need A Chiropractor?

    No one knows your body better than you. Maybe you have been feeling a little off lately. Maybe you have been feeling a pain in your back or shoulder or maybe even your elbow. All of these could be signs saying that you need an adjustment from a good chiropractor. But there are lots of reasons you sh…Read More

  3. What is Health?

    One of my passions is wellness and how to achieve health. To begin, we have to ask, what is health and is it the same as wellness. Health can be defined as the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease. And wellness can be defined as the condition of good physical and mental …Read More