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You may be riding the bandwagon of “I can’t lose weight,” and overindulging because you are depressed over weight loss. You may be bombarded by images on the TV that show ultra skinny women who make it seem effortless. However, what you are not seeing is that looking good is work, even for those who seem to have a perfect body.

Think of what you work hard for in this world. You probably work hard at your job and career, in your relationships, such as a parent, sibling, and friend, and at your hobbies, such as perfecting your golf swing or making your next craft project. If you think about applying your work ethic to your diet, you will be unstoppable.

Marshalls Creek Chiropractic in East Stroudsburg offers not only chiropractic care, but also weight loss programs for our patients. We are passionate about caring for the whole person, which includes your physical health. We will help your back and neck pain, as well as your nutrition plan. Below, we’ll continue our series on tips for weight loss during the new year. Contact us today!


Institute Banned Foods

While Marshalls Creek Chiropractic in East Stroudsburg does not condone the outlawing of all of your favorite foods, we do recommend that you make a list of all of your favorite foods and label them good and bad. Once made, you can refer to this list often and pick from the good list the overwhelming majority of the time. It will take a concerted effort to avoid the foods on your bad list. However, by not purchasing them or having these foods in your home, it will be a lot harder to consume them when you are hungry.

Watch What You Drink

With so many drinks full of sugar, you can easily overload on the sugar just in an eight ounce can of soda or gourmet coffee from the store. These calories can add up quickly and are often the culprits that can sabotage your diet plan. Ideally, you’ll either want to cut out completely or drastically limit sugary drinks. However, Marshalls Creek Chiropractic in East Stroudsburg understands that you may need your specialty coffee every day. Try sugar free instead of a smaller size, and then eliminate other sugary drinks from your diet. Alcohol has a lot of calories as well.

Plan Your Meals

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is come home and think about cooking. This is often the time when pizza is ordered or fast food is picked up on the way home. Instead, you’ll want to plan all of your meals and get the ingredients ahead of time so that when you come home, you can cook nutritious meals that don’t blow your diet for the day. You’ll want to eat in as much as possible since it’s almost impossible to know how the food you are buying out is prepared. Don’t get stuck in the low calorie foods or low fat, as these are often misleading and contain other bad guys that aren’t good for your waistline.

When you partner with Marshalls Creek Chiropractic in East Stroudsburg, our all natural weight loss plan helps you balance your foods to promote weight loss and muscle gain. We’ll help you develop a customized weight loss program for you. Contact us today to get started!


Marshalls Creek Chiropractic in East Stroudsburg offers the best all-natural weight loss program. Through Isagenix organic food system, we will help you develop the best balanced diet that will support weight loss and burn fat, while you build muscle. You will be able to detox the body to improve your overall health and wellness.

In addition to our amazing natural weight loss program, we also offer exceptional chiropractic care and massage therapy services. Oftentimes, our spine and joints become misaligned or pushed out of place from the activities we do every day, or an activity or sport we perform. By coming into our chiropractic clinic, we can help to realign your bones, which will help to eliminate the pain you are experiencing. Our massage therapists can help relieve muscle tension, which also can cause pain since they are pulling on bones and joints.

Marshalls Creek Chiropractic in East Stroudsburg is here to help with all your chiropractic and wellness care. Call us today to get started!