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At Marshalls Creek Chiropractic, it is our honor to serve our clients with some of the best chiropractic and wellness care they have ever seen. We provide everything from chiropractic care to massage therapy to nutritional counseling.

How We Do It

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Located in East Stroudsburg, PA, the leading health and wellness professionals at Marshalls Creek Chiropractic are dedicated to helping you reach your wellness goals. We have the skill and expertise that covers the entire wellness spectrum to help make your goals a reality. Drs. Brett and Anne Marie Coryell, are dedicating to bringing you closer to your health and wellness goals by teaching your the true principles of chiropractic and wellness care.

About Us

Marshalls Creek Chiropractic’s main focus is your health. We want to help you reduce your pain and risk of illness. This is one of the reasons our customer return time and again. They trust us to help make them feel better.

Services and Techniques

At Marshalls Creek Chiropractic, we are happy to provide the finest chiropractic and wellness care to our patients. We specialize in Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, Corrective Exercises, Lifestyle Advice, Nutritional Counseling, Spinal and Postural Screenings, and Physiotherapy.

Weight Loss

Looking for a natural way to lose Weight, reduce Cholesterol and have greater control of your Diabetes? We have investigated and found a program that has been around for over 13 years, using organic, non- genetically modified ingredients.

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The premier chiropractic and wellness center since 1989, we are dedicated to improving your health before the pain and illness starts. We believe that the reason our wellness clinic is so popular is because  people would rather be healthy and avoid illness. We can help you with your weight loss and nutritional goals, We are experts not only in chiropractic care but also massage therapy and physiotherapy.

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