Thumbs Up to Relief

After an injury or because of long-term issues many people experience pain.  As a result, people often seek relief from chiropractic care. Our main goal in the first phase is to reduce the symptoms you are experiencing as quickly as possible. Although relief usually can be experienced within a few visits, this phase may require daily visits to the office or even two or three visits a week for a period of time.

On the other hand, some people feel that if there isn’t any pain, there is nothing wrong – that somehow the lack of symptoms equates to health. Pain is not a good indicator of your health. The reality is that symptoms like pain usually only appear once a condition or disease has become serious.

A common analogy to think about would be dental health. Consider a tooth cavity. It doesn’t hurt during the development of the cavity, but instead, it hurts after the cavity has become advanced. Whether you have heart disease, cancer, dental health, diabetes, or issues with your spine, pain isn’t the first symptom to appear.

Often, we can detect spinal issues before they become significantly problematic or painful. The good news is if you do have pain when you start chiropractic care, the first symptom to disappear is the pain even if a lot  of the underlying condition is still there.
Consider addressing your spinal health before the pain becomes apparent or excruciating; call the chiropractors at Marshalls Creek.