In a world where nutrition has become a confusing subject, Drs. Coryell help to simplify healthy eating and good nutrition. It is true, we are what we eat and inadequate nutrition can contribute to poor health. As your nutrition specialist in East Stroudsburg, we will provide specific suggestions for healthy food choices and sound nutritional counseling to encourage our patients to return to optimal health.

Why Nutrition Matters

Our bodies need certain nutrients to perform optimally. When you are lacking in one area or overdoing it in another, your bodily functions become unbalanced. This can lead to weight gain, systemic inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, heart disease, bone disease, fatigue, foggy brains, high cholesterol, and more. When this happens, it is important to get the body back into balance by fueling it with the food it needs and cutting out what it doesn’t.

Nutrition Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Some people believe that healthy eating is too much work. But, there are easy ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet every day. When you make an appointment at our East Stroudsburg wellness center to discuss nutritional counseling, we will take into consideration your current eating habits and find ways for you to make simple and sustainable changes.

Visit Us For Nutritional Counseling Today

Do you know which foods and nutrients your body is craving? Drs. Coryell can come up with a nutritional program that is based on your body’s needs.

Detailed blood lab analysis may aid in this discovery.

When it comes to getting the right nutritional education, you want a doctor you can count on.  Drs. Coryell are those specialists. If you are ready to learn more, call Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions today.