Teaming Up for Optimal Health

If you ask most chiropractors, they would tell you helping to reduce and eliminate a person’s pain is the easiest part of wellness care. What sometimes becomes difficult, and is quite frankly often overlooked, is the corrective phase of care that is intended to help promote stability of the injured or weakened area. If all a treatment plan is concerned with is reducing your pain and stops there, the chances that the condition recurs are much greater. In order to prevent an unwanted relapse or re-injury of the concerned areas, continuing corrective care may be gone is necessary even if your “symptoms.”

During the corrective / restorative part of your care, the visit frequency generally is reduced from your first phase of care. Depending on your situation, you may start passive and/or active stretching exercises, and  simple, but effective, stability exercise / strengthening rehab programs as well.

We try and remind patients not to get discouraged if they have periodic flare-ups. This is completely normal. The return to health is never a straight path, but one that ebbs and flows and reflect the demands of our individual lives. Depending on how secure your injury or condition is and how long you’ve been affecting it, this phase may last several weeks to months as well.

If you are ready to start the true road to recovery and experience living a more pain-free life, call the chiropractors at Marshalls Creek today.