Chiropractors You Can Depend On

The chiropractors at Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions provide advanced spinal correction utilizing state of the art chiropractic techniques. Attending ongoing education opportunities and working with patients for three decades have provided the tools and techniques that we use to individualize treatment for each patient.

Meet Your Chiropractic Doctors

Both Dr. Anne Marie and Dr. Brett have post-doctoral certifications in chiropractic orthopedics, which encompasses care of the spine and common extremity issues. Dr. Brett has participated in many hours of continuing education for rehabilitation of workman’s comp and accident injuries.

Dr. Anne Marie also has a postdoctoral degree in chiropractic pediatrics which focuses on the treatment of expecting mothers and children from newborn through the teen years. Whether you have a newborn baby, are a seasoned athlete, a working mom, or an aging senior, we modify your chiropractic treatment to meet your needs. We are truly a family practice.

Meet Our Massage Therapist

services_chiroAt Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions, we offer massage therapy to our patients (and the community) and we often incorporate it into your treatment. Massage Therapy (Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy) is a treatment that allows Drs. Brett & Anne Marie, or in some cases there licensed massage therapist, to work on tight muscles which helps to reduce muscle spasms. We want you to relax while you are here and feel that relaxation is a strong part of the healing process.

Specialized Care At Marshalls Creek

We have people come into our chiropractic center for a number of reasons. Some are experiencing generalized back or neck pain. Perhaps they sit at a desk or do physical labor all day.

Others are experiencing pain or limited mobility after a traumatic incident such as a car accident or sports injury.

Whatever your reason is for coming into our wellness center, you can count on receiving personalized care and attention. We know that care is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. They are also not one-and-done. We offer a wide range of treatments options beyond simply chiropractic adjustments.  Thirty years of experience helps us provide you with a well rounded protocol to address your concerns. 

Our services include traditional and corrective chiropractic care, physiotherapy  that includes ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, and cold laser, as well as various types of massage and myofascial therapies.  

We also offer Functional Medicine consults to address nutritional concerns, chronic health issues such as lyme, digestive disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue, etc.

Our Chiropractic Techniques

Some of the chiropractic techniques we utilized are: Palmer Package, Diversified, Drop Table, Sacro-Occipital Technique, AK, Activator, and Graston, Webster, plus others. We personalize your care to address your individual circumstance. We also offer massage therapy and myofascial techniques provided by an experienced, licensed therapist.  These services make us more than just a chiropractic clinic in East Stroudsburg. We are a wellness center.

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If you have been searching the internet for a ‘chiropractor near me,’ you’ve found two! Our chiropractors and the rest of our talented team are here to care for you and improve your quality of life through various techniques. If you are in the market for the best chiropractors in East Stroudsburg, call Marshalls Creek today!