When you are in need of chiropractic care, there is a chance that doing some exercises at home can help to correct the issue as well. We want to educate our chiropractic patients so that they feel comfortable with these exercises that are designed just for them. Doing these corrective chiropractic exercises can help to strengthen and correct their unique chiropractic problems. These chiropractic exercises will be demonstrated and taught to you in our office and you can do them in the comfort of your own home. Studies show that certain exercises can improve the performance of your spine by as much as 30-40 percent. In addition to skeletal issues, connective tissues and muscles can be strained by misalignment and overuse. There are specific exercises and stretches you can do to help your body stay balanced and achieve better health throughout your life.

After a chiropractic adjustment, the misalignment of your joints and soft tissue can revert back to cause you pain. It is important to continue the chiropractic exercises so that you can strengthen your spine and train it to maintain proper alignment.

Follow Your Corrective Exercises

Some people think of corrective exercises and stretches as the cherry on top of the sundae. In reality, you can think of corrective exercises as the dish that holds the sundae. If you were given a scoop of ice cream and told to hold it in your hand, it would only remain solid for a few minutes before it melted all over the floor. A chiropractic adjustment is like a scoop of ice cream. It aligns your spine for some time, but if you don’t have something to support it, your spine is going to revert back to its problematic state because is weak.

Doing your chiropractor-suggested exercises at home will help to strengthen and retrain your spine to stay in alignment after your adjustment.

Exercises To Fit Your Lifestyle

We know that each patient we see has different abilities and different lifestyles. We will work with your current mobility to give you stretches and routines that you can comfortably do to sustain your chiropractic adjustment. We will also give you exercises that can fit into your busy schedule.

Get in touch with our East Stroudsburg chiropractic center today to discuss any pain, tension, or limited mobility you are experiencing.