Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions is proud to be a one-stop-shop for health and wellness in East Stroudsburg. We make it easy to look and feel your best by putting a variety of wellness services together under one roof. Whether you need to see a chiropractor or are seeking massage therapy, we can provide the services you need in one convenient location.

Perhaps you’ve driven by our East Stroudsburg office and daydreamed about what it would be like to be a massage therapy client. Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed massage therapy from us in the past, but your schedule has made it difficult to get back in for another appointment.

Just like all healthy habits, massage therapy can only give you the best results when you do it on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn some unpleasant things that can happen to you body when you go too long between massage therapy appointments. Then schedule your deep tissue or chair massage at our East Stroudsburg office today!

Your Muscles Get Tight

Tight muscles are the reason that most people come into Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions for massage therapy in the first place. Overtime, a sedentary lifestyle plus emotional stress cause our muscles to tighten back up again. This feels bad and can actually put you at risk for injury if not taken care of through massage therapy.

Your Stress Levels Go Up

Speaking of stress, many people are familiar with the fact that massage therapy helps you to relax and become emotionally-centered. Without regular massage therapy to help you deal with stress in a productive way, you’re likely to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

You Can’t Sleep

Another benefit of regular massage therapy is that you enjoy higher quality sleep. Without massage therapy, you may find that you have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Get Relief With Massage Therapy At Marshalls Creek!

Have we convinced you that it’s time for you to schedule a new massage therapy appointment? Good! Contact Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions in East Stroudsburg for skilled massage therapy that will have you feeling great.