Our wellness programs in East Stroudsburg are all about helping you live your best life. That means giving you the tools you need to increase your well-being while supporting you with resources from our chiropractic clinic that can help you overcome obstacles to feeling your best. If you are searching for ways to increase your well-being this week, we have a few simple suggestions that can kick start your journey towards wellness.

Drink More Water

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to help your overall well-being. Increasing your water intake can help you boost your metabolism, flush our toxins and fats from your system, clear up your skin, and give you more energy. Start carrying a water bottle with you and make a goal of getting your full 64 ounces of water each day. Try flavoring your water with cucumber or essential oils to increase your intake.

Move for 30 Minutes

You don’t have to hike up a mountain or train for a marathon or lift your body weight at the gym. You just need to move for 30 minutes. That can be taking a walk, dancing in your living room, or even playing tag in the backyard with your kids. Just moving for 30 minutes is enough to combat many of the negative effects of sitting all day as well as help you lose weight.

Make an Appointment with Marshalls Creek Chiropractic

Coming in for a consultation with our chiropractor is a great step to take towards wellness. Our chiropractor can partner with you on your journey towards wellness and recommend the necessary activities to help you get there. Along with chiropractic adjustments, we offer massage therapy, weight loss programs, and other wellness programs that can meet your needs. Give us a call today to make your appointment.