This week, September 16-22, marks 2018’s National Wellness Week. This weeklong focus on wellness was designated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) to encourage others to incorporate all aspects of wellness into their lives. In our busy lives, it can be easy to focus on financial health while neglecting emotional health, or to maintain physical health but forego nurturing intellectual health. However, wellness programs involve balance, and there are more pieces to balance than you might be aware of.

As a chiropractic and wellness center, we are passionate about helping our patients achieve dimensional wellness in all aspects of their lives by offering several wellness programs. After all, the self as a whole is strongest when all components work together. Sometimes breaking down this idea of ‘wellness’ into smaller categories makes the journey toward wellness that much more tangible. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the eight types of wellness outlined by SAMHSA and how you can build these facets in your everyday life.

The Eight Dimensions Of Wellness

  1. Emotional: Emotional wellness involves taking care of your mental health, including having appropriate strategies to cope with life and fostering satisfying relationships with friends, partners, family members, or coworkers.
  2. Financial: Financial wellness is dependent on satisfaction with your current and projected future financial situation. Achieving this might involve analyzing your spending and creating budgets to ensure financial happiness, which can look different to different people.
  3. Social: Social wellness is all about support systems. It ties in greatly to emotional wellness as it is heavily dependent on satisfying relationships where you feel supported, connected, and a sense of belonging.
  4. Spiritual: Spiritual wellness involves understanding a sense of purpose or meaning in life. This can be a religious connection but does not have to be. Finding spiritual wellness often comes in the form of helping others, whether it is caring for a loved one, volunteering your time in the community, or having a job where you feel like you are contributing to the greater good.
  5. Occupational: Occupational wellness stems from having personal satisfaction with your line of work. Those who lack occupational wellness can find themselves caught in ‘the grind’ rather than dedicated to a fulfilling career.
  6. Physical: Physical wellness is what most individuals think of when discussing wellness and it plays a huge role in the other dimensions of wellness. Physical wellness involves giving your body what it needs to function in the form of nutrition, exercise, and sleep. At Marshalls Creek, we offer physical wellness treatments like chiropractic care and physiotherapy, as well as nutritional counseling, allergy treatment, and lifestyle advice.
  7. Intellectual: Intellectual wellness is centered around knowledge and using your creative abilities to express yourself. This can range from picking up a creative hobby such as writing, woodworking, or painting, as well as finding ways to expand your knowledge and skills, such as taking an online course, reading a new book, or getting certified in a certain skill.
  8. Environmental: Environmental wellness is achieved by ensuring you are spending time in positive environments. If you are surrounded by negativity it can inhibit your overall wellness. Recognize bad influences or negative environments in your life and work toward removing yourself from them.

Speak With Our Wellness Center Today

During National Wellness Week, we encourage you to take steps toward total wellness. Begin by identifying which dimensions of wellness you struggle with and what you need to do to strengthen that dimension. There are quite a few of these areas that we can help with at our East Stroudsburg wellness center. We can offer weight loss coaching and nutritional counseling, as well as physiotherapy and chiropractic care to improve your physical wellness. And while we are not psychologists, we can offer lifestyle advice to help you recognize bad habits and form new healthy ones. Seeking the help of other professionals, such as career counselors, financial planners, and mental health professionals, can help you to target those dimensions you may be struggling with.

To take a step toward total wellness today, make an appointment with our wellness center in East Stroudsburg! We truly care about our patients as if they are our own family. We are happy to assist with your wellness journey in any way we can.