At Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions, we are more than just a chiropractor. We also are able to perform Neurological Stress Reductions Therapy or NSRT for allergies and asthma, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many more conditions. NSRT boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy detoxification. NSRT is a great way to get your body balanced. It is most commonly used on people with allergies.

What is it?

NSRT combines acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and biofeedback in order to help “reprogram” the body’s reaction to an allergen. A computer tests your body for an allergic reaction to over 35 thousand substances. Each allergen has its own frequency. We use a laser at a specific frequency that matches the acupuncture point for the allergy to reprogram your body’s reaction to the allergen. It could take as little as 2 treatments or as many as 20 treatments but it is painless with virtually no side effects.

Why we do it

NSRT is based off the believe that stress causes or exacerbates symptoms of these conditions. With this treatment, we believe that we can reduce or even eliminate stress to a point where you can live your life without the daily reminder of your allergies. NSRT does not require needles so it is pain free and is safe for people of all ages. Many of our patients have come back to tell us that they no longer have to take medications and can even drive with the window down because they no longer have allergy symptoms.

Stop suffering with your allergies. Call us at Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions today and schedule an appointment.