As adults, we have to work for a living. Sometimes we wish that we didn’t have to but unless we win the lottery or come into a large inheritance, chances are we have to work will into our 60’s or 70’s. But depending on the job you have chosen to make your career, your job could be hurting back. We undoubtedly don’t choose our professions based on how much back pain we will experience but there are several jobs that hurt our backs more than others. For this reason, chiropractors become our saving grace. Without them, how do we continue to do our jobs for decades?

Office/computer jobs

This one is probably the most obvious one. We are constantly sitting in a semi-uncomfortable chair. And if you type all day, chances are you are in the same straight-back position for eight hours a day.


Standing hurts our backs just the same as sitting all day. Keeping a good posture while standing or walking all day puts strain on your lower back and neck. There may be a lot of bending required as well, helping students and patients.


When you are bending over and lifting heavy boxes and furniture all day, your back is sure to start giving you grief. But you can’t just stop lifting boxes. You need to support your back with belts and other things so that you aren’t risking injury.

As we know, these are not the only jobs that eventually hurt our backs but they are common ones. At Marshalls Creek, we offer chiropractic care to people in all different types of professions and help them work pain free. Call us today to schedule an appointment.