Leaves are already changing color and there’s a cool nip to the air here in Pennsylvania, and that can only mean one thing: cold and flu season is right around the corner. As your source for natural wellness solutions here in East Stroudsburg, we believe that there are many things you can do to prevent yourself from falling ill to either of these nasty, time-consuming illnesses. Most people are surprised to learn that chiropractic care is one of them.

When Is Flu Season?

The flu typically begins making its rounds in November and is usually at its most communicable between December and March. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every five Americans will get the flu this year. So how can your chiropractor improve your chances of emerging from flu season unscathed?

Your Chiropractor Can Prepare You To Fight Off The Flu

Chiropractic treatments have been shown to have a positive impact on your immune health, which is instrumental in warding off colds and the flu naturally.

“Chiropractic [treatment] can give your immune system a boost with a spinal adjustment,” explains St. Louis Health & Wellness Magazine. “Chiropractic care can help raise your natural resistance to disease by removing a serious interference to your proper body function: Vertebral subluxations.”

These subluxations interfere with your nervous system, preventing your immune system from communicating properly with the rest of your body. And when your immune system is compromised? Good luck fighting off that illness that’s been going around the office.

Want to learn more about how your East Stroudsburg chiropractor can keep you healthy this flu season? Contact Marshalls Creek Wellness Solutions today.