Are you constantly experiencing pain in your lower back or upper buttocks? Does this pain often shoot down one or both of your legs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s possible that you are suffering from sciatica. You should have these suspicions confirmed by a qualified medical doctor before deciding on your treatment. If the diagnosis does indeed turn out to be sciatica, it’s important that you be educated on exactly what it is and how it can be treated. Some doctors may recommend a regimen of pain medication but if you prefer a healthier, more permanent solution, your East Stroudsburg chiropractor may be able to help.

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What Is Sciatica?

Before you can decide whether you want a chiropractor to treat your sciatica or now, you should have a solid understanding of what causes this condition in the first place.

Sciatica is a health condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed. “Disorders known to cause sciatic nerve pain include lumbar spine subluxations (misaligned vertebral body/ies), herniated or bulging discs (slipped discs), pregnancy and childbirth, tumors, and non-spinal disorders such as diabetes, constipation, or sitting on one’s back pocket wallet,” explains Spine Universe.

Mild sciatica typically goes away on its own over time. But if you’re experiencing negative symptoms for a prolonged period of time, you’ll want to see a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.

What Are Symptoms Of Sciatica?

  • Pain in the back, buttocks, hip, or lower extremities
  • Leg numbness or pins and needles
  • Pain may be mild, severe, radiating, or sharp
  • Pain may occur due to injury or while sitting
  • Leg numbness or pins and needles
  • Burning sensations, foot numbness, limping, or muscle weakness

According to the Mayo Clinic, you should immediately see a doctor if:

  • You have sudden, severe pain in your low back or leg and numbness or muscle weakness in your leg
  • The pain follows a violent injury, such as a traffic accident
  • You have trouble controlling your bowels or bladder

How Can Your Chiropractor Treat Sciatica?

Contrary to popular belief, all cases of sciatica are not created equal. If you’re diagnosed with sciatica, the treatment plan that may have worked for your relative or neighbor won’t necessarily work for you. Your medical professional should thoroughly review your medical history, give you a full physical, and request a neurological examination.

Once sciatica is confirmed, your East Stroudsburg chiropractor will work with you to devise a treatment plan that will work with you particular set of symptoms and causes.

“The type of chiropractic therapy provided depends on the cause of the patient’s sciatica. A sciatica treatment plan may include several different treatments such as ice/cold therapies, ultrasound, TENS, and spinal adjustments (sometimes called spinal manipulation),” explains Spine Universe. No matter what type of treatment your chiropractor recommends, its purpose will be to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, providing relief from your persistent pain.

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